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Thread Repair



Damaged internal threads

These can often be repaired with a wire insert commonly called a Helicoil. These are fitted by drilling out the  hole to a special size and tapping to create a slightly oversized  thread with the same pitch as the original, an  insert is fitted that is diamond shaped in cross section,  the outer flanks fitting into the newly tapped  hole and the inner  flanks forming the same size as the original.
Sometimes a thick wall insert is used providing there is enough parent material.
The end result is a new thread that is the same diameter and pitch as the original, allowing previous fixings to continue to be used as before.

Types of inserts used        

Damaged external threads








Damage to external threads can often be improved by using a special thread cleaning tool, however, this work is not guaranteed in any way.





It is the responsibility of the customer to satisfy himself that any repaired component is fit for use  in the way that it was originally designed.

Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00pm

Saturday, 9:00am to 12:00 noon



Broken drills, taps and studs with broken extractors can
be removed safely by spark eroding.

Our mechanics are trained in the use of portable spark eroding equipment
to remove broken taps, drills extractors etc.,
 and in the fitting of inserts to reclaim stripped internal threads.