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With experience in the motor trade since 1963, we have come across numerous instances of broken bolts, studs, drills and taps, together with stripped internal and external threads,
most of which we have successfully repaired with the use of appropriate equipment.

Many times these damaged components have been made worse by the use of wrong tools or procedures!

Internal and External Threads

Totally refurbish to a high standard, stripped and damaged female screw threads to their original form using wire inserts (or Helicoils) or other special thread repair inserts

Damage to external threads can often be improved by using a "thread cleaner", however, this work is not guaranteed in any way, it is the responsibility of the customer to satisfy himself that the component is fit for use in the way that it was originally designed.

Stripped Spark Plug Threads

Damaged spark plug threads can sometimes be reclaimed or improves by using a "thread chaser" but stripped threads can only be reclaimed by using a wire insert (Helicoil) or a solid one such as "time-sert".

Heater or Glow Plugs

Broken off glow plugs can be removed in situ from most modern diesel engines as long as reasonable access is obtained and any manifold covers, pipes etc are removed prior to our visit.

Broken Studs and Bolts

Professional and satisfactory removal of any broken studs and bolts in situ. (GOOD access required).

Locking Wheel Nuts/Bolts

Most types of locking wheel nuts/bolts can be removed without causing damage to alloy wheels.

Taps, Easy Outs, Extra hard studs

Spark erode any broken taps - "easy outs" - drill bits etc..
See associated web site  www.sparkeroding.co.uk

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Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00pm

Saturday, 9:00am to 12:00 noon


Broken drills, taps and studs with broken extractors can
be removed safely by spark eroding.

Our mechanics are trained in the use of portable spark eroding equipment
to remove broken taps, drills extractors etc.,
 and in the fitting of inserts to reclaim stripped internal threads.