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Removal of Broken Glow or Heater Plug



Removal of broken glow plugs in situ,
without removing the cylinder head.

We specialise in the removal of broken glow plugs which can be done in situ
without the expense of removing the head, at your premises or ours.

When a diesel engine fails, it often results from bad glow plugs. Similar to gasoline engine spark plugs, glow plugs assist diesel engine cylinders in the combustion process. Rather than using an electrical spark, glow plugs have heating elements that gradually heat up and help drive the cylinders. These heating elements are quite delicate, so knowing how to use special glow plug extraction tools plays a crucial role in successful glow plug removal.

 our on site mobile service to remove broken heater or glow plugs

The aluminium head diesels are notorious for seizing glow plugs.
Apparently the plugs don't seat properly at the combustion chamber end.
This allows carbon to get packed in around the barrel. Over time the plugs become glued into place.
The narrow neck between the hex nut and the threaded shaft isn't up to the task of undoing the plug and it snaps.
If you have a broken off glow plug, you are faced with a choice:

A:   Remove the head and take it down to a machine shop to have the plug machined out

B.   Call us to make arrangements for us to remove the broken plug.

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Broken drills, taps and studs with broken extractors can
be removed safely by spark eroding.

Our mechanics are trained in the use of portable spark eroding equipment
to remove broken taps, drills extractors etc.,
 and in the fitting of inserts to reclaim stripped internal threads.